Quality Reversible Airless Spray Tips

A range of high quality reversible airless spray tips manufactured in the USA are available or purchase online at great pricing, these reversible airless spray tips are pressure rated to 5000 PSI or 345 Bar working pressure which is more than adequate for almost all contractor airless spray equipment. A great feature of these reversible airless spray tips is they are interchangeable with a wide range of other brands such as Graco RAC V, Titan SC-6 and Wagner TradeTip2

Reversible airless spray tip retainers and guards are available in the popular 7/8 inch G nut size and the optional smaller 11/16 inch F nut size.

The range of reversible airless spray tips is available from 0.007″ through to 0.035″ with fan patterns from 4 to 6 inch through to 16 to 18 inches wide.

Reversible airless spray tip

Reversible airless spray tip

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Wagner Price Increase

Hurry to beat the imminent Wagner price increase which will come into effect on the 1st July 2014. Spray Gun Online have a discount coupon WAGNER$1000+ for any purchases containing more than $1000 of Wagner spray paint equipment which can be applied at checkout for any combination of Wagner product.

This increase affects Wagner ProSpray airless sprayers, Wagner Finish airless sprayers, Wagner SuperFinish airless sprayers, Wagner Electrostatic sprayers, Wagner PlastCoat texture units and Wagner LineCoat linemarkers.

The new recommended trade prices including GST is as follows;
0558009 ProSpray PS3.21 Skid $2,895.00
0558010 ProSpray PS3.23 Skid $3,695.00
0558011 ProSpray PS3.25 Skid $4,295.00
0558012 ProSpray PS3.25 High Boy $4,695.00
0558013 ProSpray PS3.25 Low Boy $4,695.00
0558014 ProSpray PS3.29 High Boy $5,495.00
0558015 ProSpray PS3.29 Low Boy $5,495.00
0558016 ProSpray PS3.31 High Boy $5,995.00
0558017 ProSpray PS3.34 High Boy $6,995.00
0558018 ProSpray PS3.39 High Boy $8,695.00
0311097 Finish F230 Electric Diaphragm $2,495.00
0252041 Finish F370 Electric Diaphragm Rigid $4,895.00
0252042 Finish F370 Electric Diaphragm with 5 Ltr Hopper $4,895.00
0340065F SuperFinish SF23 Flexible $4,995.00
0340065H20 SuperFinish SF23 with 20 Ltr Hopper $4,995.00
0341055F SuperFinish SF27 Flexible $5,995.00
0341055R SuperFinish SF27 Rigid $5,995.00
0341055H20 SuperFinish SF27 with 20 Ltr Hopper $5,995.00
0341019F SuperFinish SF31 Flexible $6,995.00
0341019R SuperFinish SF31 Rigid $6,995.00
0341019H20 SuperFinish SF31 with 20 Ltr Hopper $6,995.00
0341023G SuperFinish SF31G Petrol $7,295.00
0524010 Finish F230 Aircoat System $5,295.00
0179022DP Electrostatic System $10,995.00
0179022-3IN1 3 in 1 Electrostatic System $11,995.00
2308303 PlastCoat PC430 Spraypack $6,995.00
2308305 PlastCoat PC830 Spraypack $7,995.00
0348030 PlastCoat PC25 Bare $9,995.00
0343002 PlastCoat T25K Flowline Mixer $7,995.00
0528138 LineCoat LC800 Linemarker $8,295.00
0555135 LineCoat LC820 Linemarker $12,995.00
0555145 LineCoat LC840 Linemarker $13,995.00
0555155 LineCoat LC860 Linemarker $14,995.00

Prices effective July 2014 and subject to change without notice here.

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Spray Gun Online New Discount Coupon Codes

Spray Gun Online special deals on offer.

Orders above $200.00 in value are eligible for free shipping across Australia.

Pay using Direct Deposit and an additional 2.5% Discount will apply to your entire order.

Todays Spray Gun Online Discount Coupons to use

Possibly the most extensive range of spray painting equipment online anywhere.

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Buy Discounted Spray Painting Equipment Online

Achieve great discounts on genuine brand name spray painting equipment such as Flotech airless spray tips and airless spray guns with the discount coupon FLOTECH$200+ for any orders containing more than $200 in value of Flotech airless spray tips, discount coupon IWATA$330 for any online shopping cart containing more than $330 of Anest Iwata or Air Gunsa spray painting equipment, use STAR$200+ if your cart at Spray Paint Equipment contains more than $200 in value of Star, Workquip, Q-Bond or Tranmax equipment and be sure to use either WAGNER$200+ if your online shopping cart contains more than $200 value Wagner spray painting equipment or
WAGNER$1000+ for any shopping cart checking out from spraygunonline.com.au with Wagner spray painting products totalling $1000.00 or more.

A further 2.5% discount option of your total order value including shipping cost, if any, is available for all shoppers using spraygunonline.com.au through choosing the EFT direct deposit option.

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Anest Iwata Price Increase

A price increase has been announced that will affect many Anest Iwata and Air Gunsa products in Australia effective from the 1st March 2014. It has been announced that the 4% increase will not apply to all products but at this stage it has not been clarified which actual products from Anest Iwata and Air Gunsa will increase.

Beat this imminent price increase and order your Air Gunsa and Anest Iwata spray painting equipment online

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Wagner Airless Tips | Spray Paint Equipment

Wagner Airless Tips

Available for purchase online direct are the full range or Wagner airless spray tips which are genuine Australian only stock sourced from Wagner Australia.

The range of Wagner airless spray tips available for purchase online include the following;

  • Wagner TradeTip2 Yellow
  • Wagner TradeTip2 Wide Finish
  • Wagner TradeTip2 Fine Finish
  • Wagner TradeTip2 Line Finish
  • Wagner 2SpeedTip
  • Wagner Airless Tip Accessories

Wagner Airless Tips | Spray Paint EquipmentWagner 2Speed Tips

The Wagner 2SpeedTip is a reversible airless spray tip that actually holds 2 different size airless tips in the one airless tip cylinder and allows these two different tip sizes to be easily selected by simply rotating the cylinder to the different positions. This airless tip can be a real time saver on those airless spray painting jobs where surfaces are regularly changing, requiring a different spray pattern fan width and flow rate.

via Wagner Airless Tips | Spray Paint Equipment.

  • Flotech FT36 3600 PSI 245 Bar 7/8 Airless Spray Gun | Spray Gun Online
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DeVilbiss announce the launch of the Pro Visor | Finishing Brands

DeVilbiss announce the launch of the Pro Visor, an advanced air-fed respiratory protection system for all spray operators.

The DeVilbiss Pro Visor air fed respiratory protection system has been purpose designed for all industrial spray applications. This technically advanced design provides operators with the perfect combination of safety and comfort with excellent freedom of movement. The Pro Visor disperses breathing air gently around the lightweight visor at a positive pressure with no misting or discomfort ensuring sprayers can work at their best. The wrap around visor provides excellent and much wider peripheral vision, whilst the removable peak reduces glare from spray booth lighting. There is also plenty of space inside the helmet for sprayers who wear spectacles. Replaceable clear visor covers are available in packs of 10 or 50.

An audible whistle is incorporated to warn operators should there be insufficient breathing air supplied. The unit is fully ‘CE’ approved to PPE Directive 89/686/EEC and conforms to EN 14594:2005 Class 3A and A/NZ1716:2012.

  • Purpose designed to provide best possible protection for all kinds of spray painting applications
  • The most comfortable and lightweight air fed visor outfit
  • Fully adjustable head band for best operator comfort
  • Removable peak reduces spray booth light glare
  • Lightweight, Ergonomic waist belt design allows right or left side use
  • Wider peripheral view for excellent visibility
  • Audible warning device – alerts operator to low air pressure

via DeVilbiss announce the launch of the Pro Visor | Finishing Brands.

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Buy Twinned Pressure Feed Spray Gun Hose In a 2 Metre Assembly

2 Metre pressure feed air and paint hose assembly

Two Metre Twin Air Paint Hose Pressure Feed Assembly

Buy 2 Metre Anest Iwata Twin Air Paint Hose Assembly Pressure Feed Online

A flexible 8mm air hose and 6mm paint hose non reinforced twin air and paint hose fitted with high quality reusable fittings for use with pressure pots or double diaphragm pumps and pressure feed spray guns.

via Buy Twinned Pressure Feed Spray Gun Hose In a 2 Metre Assembly.

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ASM | Spray Gun Online

262005 ASM 262005 Module Linedriver Hd 200Cc $14,065.78

262004 ASM 262004 Module Linedriver 160Cc $13,377.25

24C840 ASM 24C840 Kit Oem Airlessco $6,961.87

866205 ASM 866205 Pump Hydraulic Assy $5,909.94

866880 ASM 866880 Kit Hss Swing Arm Replace Kit $5,737.79

247565 ASM 247565 Sprayer Zip 2700 Asm 220V Aus $4,477.00

866204 ASM 866204 Pump Hydr. Pump Complete $2,926.29

262308 ASM 262308 Washer Pressure 3030 $2,920.23

288819 ASM 288819 Kit Repair Pump Displ Eh200 $2,849.77

301160 ASM 301160 Engine 5.5Hp Honda 2 Coil $2,763.72

867304 ASM 867304 Motor 2 Hp 50 Hz $2,677.65

248204 ASM 248204 Kit Repair Pump 695 795 $2,657.05

866340 ASM 866340 Pump Sl 1500 6500 Paint Pump A $2,582.03

867830 ASM 867830 Kit Conv. Pressure Cntrl Sl $2,543.75

867831 ASM 867831 Kit Conv. Pressure Cntrl Sl $2,543.75

247533 ASM 247533 Sprayer Zip Spray 2300 Hi-Boy 220V $2,503.05

262306 ASM 262306 Washer Pressure 2730 $2,462.35

24M722 ASM 24M722 Sprayer Zipspray 2300 220V $2,279.20

866206 ASM 866206 Motor Hydraulic Motor 2 Feet Bore $2,276.01

305397 ASM 305397 Dispenser Bead Dispenser 4-6 Inch For 2 $2,199.51

247487 ASM 247487 Sprayer Asm 2100 Plus 240V Australia $2,177.45

243723 ASM 243723 Kit Repair Motor 1.2 Hp $2,131.82

867204 ASM 867204 Pump Ez4040G Replacement Pump-F $2,065.62

867674 ASM 867674 Pump Ts1511 Replacement Pump – $1,989.11

247484 ASM 247484 Sprayer Asm 2100 Plus Stnd 240V $1,984.13

via ASM | Spray Gun Online.

ASM Spray Equipment

Prices Valid 01 august 2013 and subject to change without notice here.

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Anest Iwata Industrial Specials

July and August Industrial spray painting equipment specials from Anest Iwata include a Campbell Hausfeld electric diaphragm airless paint sprayer, double diaphragm pump options, some spray gun and pressure pot with hose kits, cleaning spray guns, Anest Iwata NEW77 Spray Guns, twin air and paint hose and workshop compressed air hose rolls.


Contact Spray Paint Equipment to obtain these limited time special priced offers using the contact form on the spray gun online web store

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