Wagner 117 Airless ProjectPro

Wagner ProjectPro Airless 117 is the next model after the Airless 115 model featuring the additional benefit of a suction system that will draw paint right out of the paint can. Being a skid mount unit and light makes the Airless 117 very compact and portable and this airless spray unit is easy to store away when not in use.

Wagner recommend the Airless 117 for small to medium sized spray painting jobs and for use on rural properties by property owners.

This model is supplied with a 7.5 metre long spray hose and a four finger trigger contractor style airless spray gun. A M 515 spray tip is supplied which is ideal for water based paints and has a 10 inch / 26 centimeter wide flat spray pattern. Two compatible spray gun filters are included.


  • 2900 psi maximum pressure
  • 0.95 litres per minute flow rate
  • 12 kilograms light and portable
  • 0.75 HP 550 watt electric motor

via Wagner 117 Airless ProjectPro.

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