Reduced Anest Iwata PT20DM Twenty Litre Auto Agitation Pressure Pot

Anest Iwata Pressure Pot

April, May, June 2013 Anest Iwata Industrial specials this specially priced item will be unavailable for ordering after midday 28-06-2013

Iwata Pressure pots are perfect for both solvent based and waterborne coatings. This twenty litre capacity model features automatic air motor agitation to ensure product consistency can be continually maintained while spray painting without depressurising and opening the pressure pot.

Anest Iwata ‘D’ Series pressure pots feature a reduced mass of approximately 15 percent making them easier to move, clean and perform colour changes.

The use of high specification materials in the manufacture of these pressure pots means no sacrifice in durability to ensure an extremely long service life.

Model PT.20DM

20 Litre Pressure Pot

Heavy duty steel construction

1/4″ Air inlet & outlet fittings

3/8″ Fluid outlet fitting

23kg Weight

Automatic Air Motor Mixing Agitation

Max Air Pressure 2 bar or 30 psi

List Price: $1,758.90 incl GST

Price: $1,382.87 incl GST

$1,382.87 incl GST

via Reduced Anest Iwata PT20DM Twenty Litre Auto Agitation Pressure Pot.

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